Five Songs (That Depress The Hell Out Of Me)

Before we get in to the article at hand, I need to address the lack of posts over the last month. As the 808 knows, I am no longer in the area due to the loss of jobs my wife and I suffered, and the loss of our home in Honolulu. We went back to the mainland, lost access to the internet for about three weeks, then escaped Redneckville, TN, where we were in a dangerous situation, and are now in the middle of nowhere in Georgia, trying to catch our feet again.

The music scene here in this town and the surrounding towns is pretty small, though there are budding ‘rappers’ in the neighboring county trying to make their mark. I may begin scouting the area for music soon, depending on whether or not I can find a job in the area, or I may relocate to north Florida and return to my old, pre-Hono music scene in Gainesville and Jacksonville.

In the meantime, I’ll be making posts along the lines of my ‘Five Songs’ series and will be making post departure reviews of some of the bands in the 808. In that light, I’d also like to write some net-only interviews with a few of the bands out there, so if any of you would like to answer a few questions for my roller-coaster audience, let me know. You all know how to get in touch with me, via Myspace or Facebook.

So here we go, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Music holds over man a peculiar power to modify moods, feelings, and emotions. Love songs can bring back wistful memories of whirlwind romances of times past. Fight songs can entice a listener to rage and the need to thrash about with large amounts of energy. But some songs, they can come on the radio or enter your playlist rotation and immediately make you want to cry, to curl up in a ball in the dark, in a corner, and start cutting yourself with a jagged spoon. This is a list of such songs, songs which make me want to go all emo kiddy, but in such a manner as to affect me greatly without making me hate them:

1) Blue OctoberHate Me: This is a powerful, gripping song, that speaks to the heart about issues that can seriously affect someone’s life. Now, I am not certain that I agree necessarily with the actions of the protagonist in the song, in leaving his beloved after all that she’s gone through with him to help him and salvage their relationship, but there is no doubt in my mind that the song is sincere. The energy and emotion in this song, mixed with the soulful, tearjerking music and hook, cause this to be among the best I have ever heard. Highly recommend you give it a listen. – Listen

2) KoЯnTearjerker: For a band like KoЯn, which has gone through genre flips and style changes with just about every album they have ever produced, and with as many songs featuring angsty lyrics as they have, it isn’t surprising to see them putting out a song like this. It’s not only depressing on a whole different level from other angst-ridden songs of the nu-metal movement, but it’s spooky, it’s moving, and it’s something you don’t want to listen to when sittign alone in a room full of cutlery. John Davis is just haunting in this song. – Listen

3) Harry ChapinCat’s In the Cradle: I had a poor childhood growing up. It wasn’t because my father was a workaholic, like the father in this historic tearjerker, but because it chronicled the rapid decline in the relationship between a father and a son in a way I never ever want to be with my children. Every single time I hear this song, and every single time I’ve ever heard this song, I get just a little weepy and choked up. Then again… with the job market the way it is these days, one of two things will happen: either daddy will never have a job to neglect his family for, or he’ll have a job that pays next to nothing that he HAS to neglect his family for or risk losing it. Dammit Obama, fix this shit like you said you would, or risk tearing every American family apart! – Listen

4) George Harrison (The Beatles)While My Guitar Gently Weeps: There isn’t a whole lot to say about this song, and the truth is, I don’t listen to the lyrics when I listen to this song. I listen to the music only, really. And in fact, my favorite version is an acoustic cover played by a South Korean kid, but on the whole, this song is a confusing mish-mash of depressing and uplifting. – Listen

5) RammsteinOhne Dich: A song of love and loss, not even in a language understood by the majority of the fans and listeners of this band. The song’s lyrics are more of a love song, but the video is about a struggle and the loss of a friend and compatriot. Either way, the vocalist is putting it all out on the line, and the musical backup is just gorgeous. Like the previous song in the list, this song is a mix of both beauty and depression. This is once again a song I highly recommend you check out. – Listen



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