Why Do We Play?

Everybody has a reason for nigh everything they do. One of the most common questions asked of bands and other performers is, “What inspired you to start ?” Today we’ll explore some reasons why we do the crazy crap we do on stage.

Ace FrehleyIn a lot of cases, interest in an instrument stems from watching other people play, be they really cool people on tv or an older sibling or parent. A young kid wanting to be just like daddy, wailing on that really cool vintage Stratocaster, or watching big brother play loud and obnoxious music on a beat to shit pawn shop guitar with all his punk friends. And what about that kid who just freaks out every time he sees Ace Frehley all painted up and rocking out hard with KISS on some huge stage, surrounded by adoring fans? The fireworks, the roar of the crowd… it’s just so fucking COOL. Who wouldn’t want to try to be just like that? Well, I did. But that’s not what got me into music…

Emo KidsBut that’s mainly for the younger kids. What happens if somehow you don’t pick up an instrument when you were young? What if your family couldn’t afford to get you one to learn on, or you just lost interest? What could bring you back to the idea? Well, from what I’ve seen, the driving force behind teen music is angst, depression, a false sense of not belonging, and the overwhelming marketing to kids of emo and screamo, hardcore and punk brings out that sense of rebellion in the youth. Tasty SoupNow at this point, it isn’t about how cool the instrument is any more. It isn’t about the music either… it’s about letting your feelings out, letting the whole world know just how much the world hates you, how you have no friends, or how angry you are. Your message is so fucking important, you’ll just DIE if you can’t get that release. But that’s not what got me in to music…

Free SpeechBut again, you might have been too messed up or something to pick up an instrument then, and even if you did, you’re too damned whiny for anybody to have really given a damn either way, except for all the other whiny little brats who had absolutely no reason to be all depressed either. At this point, you’re a young adult. Maybe you’re in college, or maybe you’re under the thumb of blue collar service industry work, but somehow, you realize the plight of the common man. You’re OUTRAGED at the abuses suffered by the masses at the hand of THE MAN. Bush KnewCongress is full of fat cats, the President is a Neo-Nazi scumbag who hates blacks, jews, catholics, asians, hispanics, and any white man who makes less than $500,000 a year. You have to let the world in on the truth man, you have to expose their conspiracies, you have to erase their propaganda. Your intuitive thoughts are just so fucking liberating that the world must hear you, the wool must be stripped from their eyes before more damage to the social order can be caused by those hypocritical suits, and we stray further from the utopian nation that our forefathers foretold in the sixties. But that’s not what got me in to music…

Then, the idealism fades, and you realize that music doesn’t have to be about your feelings, or looking cool, or saving the world. In some cases, you just play for fun, you play for the music, to be creative, or hell – Guitar Hero got you interested and made you think you could do it. You attend classes and meet people, or you get a tutor or have friends teach you to play. You pick up a bass because your friend plays guitar, you start to play the drums because you like the stress relief and cardio. You join a band for the fun, the camraderie. You play talent shows and open mikes, you take free gigs with your band to get on stage and experience the rush, the thrill and excitement of baring your soul on stage, to have fun and play for your friends, your fans. Maybe you can make some money, maybe you can get some free drinks or a buffet dinner. Maybe you feel the need to boost your self confidence by baring your soul to a group of strangers.

The truth is….

We do it for the chicks.



~ by whatscene on February 1, 2010.

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