Five Songs (That Saved My Life)

When I was a teenager, like almost all teens, I was chronically dissatisfied, felt tread upon, and was totally mopey and rebellious. Unlike a lot of teens, I actually had a few outlets for my frustration. As a nerd, I was always in to computers, and studying languages and anatomy (gnehehe…) and stuff, but when that just wouldn’t cut it, music was what soothed the beast inside.

So when things were at their worst, here are five songs which helped me through the day:

Korn1) KoRn – Falling Away From Me: I had a ton of KoRn songs which helped me out, their thrashy numetal sound with their powerful lyrics did a lot for me. It was tough to chose which song did the most for me, but when things were at their worst, and times their darkest, this one served the purpose of helping me to let out all sorts of pent up frustration. With its powerful roller coaster chord progression lending to thrash dancing and headbanging in spades, and its (generic) topical lyrics discussing depression and suicide, it meant soooooo much to my little ‘oh woe is me’ tenny brain.

The Cranberries2) The Cranberries – Daffodil Lament: This is another one of those bands where pretty much every song they had (that I knew about) did a lot for me. Now first of all, I totally dug the singer’s voice. Despite the fact that I thought some of her vocal gymnastics were silly, they were sort of soothing in a way. I liked their slower songs, and they almost worked like lullabies for me, helping me sleep when I was feeling like an insomniac from hell. Everything after this album (No Need To Argue), however,was too happy for me. The only newer song of The Cranberries that had any effect on me was ‘New New York.’

Metallica3) Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar: Not a whole lot to say about this song, other than that for some reason, it just really made me feel good. Being of Irish decent, hearing a popular band take an Irish pub song and popularize it as they did felt really good. Plus, I had no choice but to hear at least a half dozen Metallica songs a day on my local station. They really slobbered over them, like they were the only rock band out there anywhere.

The Goo Goo Dolls4) The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris: This song was one of several which always managed to bring tears to my eyes. When listened to alone, or heard while watching ‘City Of Angels’, it always worked. Not sure why, but it always made me feel all whimsical and lonely and sad. It’s a very, very powerful song. Wasn’t the best song to listen to when you’re all sad and depressed to begin with, but hey, when you’re a mopey ass little kid, you don’t think logically about things. Especially when you just KNOW that everybody hates you, the world doesn’t understand you, and you’re all alone.

Matchbox Twenty5) Matchbox Twenty – Real World: When ‘Iris’ messed me up, ‘Real World’ brought me back again. Its nonsensical and completely whimsical lyrics helped to tease my mood away from the dark side, and the uber-complex one note guitar solo blew my mind. 😀

* When reading through this blog, you’ll notice that there are a number of recurring segments which I’ll revisit every so often, and one of them is ‘Five Songs’. The basic idea for this segment is simple. I take five songs, and describe what they’ve done to be relevant to me or my community or the scene, or whatever. For example, ‘Five Songs (That Make Me Angry)’ or ‘Five Songs (That Influenced My Music)’. I’ll probably make this one weekly segment, since it’s pretty easy to find relevance in songs, and people might or might not agree with me.



~ by whatscene on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Five Songs (That Saved My Life)”

  1. Iris really is a great song! Very powerful. Brings back memories. And The Cranberries are good as well, I haven’t heard too much of their more recent stuff, so that’s not something I can say anything about. I’ll listen to the other songs! Always great hearing new music.

  2. […] Scene?, a blog by Jimmy Bones of Crooked Halo Productions, where he posted about five songs that “saved his life”. It’s part of a “five songs” series on his blog, where he describes five songs […]

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