Ridiculous Riders?

So, I was looking around the interwebs tonight, and I started looking in to some of the more interesting things that some of my favorite and least favorite bands included in their tour riders over the years.

If you don’t know what a tour rider is, it is basically a list of requests/demands from a band to the promoter or producer of a show they’re playing in, and is generally the same for every place they go during a tour.

My source for this list is The Smoking Gun, a website with stuff on it. Not really sure what kind of stuff – I didn’t dig too deep.

So, I’m only going to point out some of the weirdest, funny, and most interesting demands… but only from bands I actually like. So all you out there who want to hear about Jay Z and DMX and all those egotistical jackasses who pump out repetitive, boring crap… you’re SOL, despite them having some crazy crap.

The List:

Johnny Cash

Young Mr. Cash

1) Johhny Cash: I love Johnny Cash. He’s a classic country singer, a patriot, and has quite possibly the coolest cover album ever sung by a human being. At every stage show, Mr. Cash required a 3’x5′ American flag on stage in view of every audience member. Outdoor shows required a flag on a pole, properly lighted.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys

2) The Beach Boys: I really don’t wish they all could be California girls, but I do stay true to my school, have no idea what that little deuce coop got, and frankly I liked the sloop John B. In fact, I had the best trip I’d ever been on on that ship. All cheekiness aside, the Beach Boys epitomize the pure golden oldies to me, and I have bought their ’20 Good Vibrations’ album a half dozen times. Thing about them is, they seem a little egotistical – they demanded that at every show they played that got sold out, the promoters would immediately notify every major industry media outlet, such as Billboard and the like. They also demanded working toilets. I think I would too.

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor of NIN

3) Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor): With Teeth is quite possibly my favorite NIN album. Capital G is one of the most clever songs I have ever heard (whether I agree with it or not is another matter), The Hand That Feeds is pretty catchy, and a great addition to Rock Band 2, and it was one of the easiest albums to find since nobody in today’s world actually buys NIN. Trent Reznor has always been considered eclectic. His relationship with his former protege, Marilyn Manson, has been tumultuous. His lack of a permanent member group for NIN makes him the only official member of the band, and all his songs are written completely by him. He also has this really weird compulsion to take a good song of his, and rape it repeatedly with really bad techno remixes. And for some weird reason, he demands two boxes of corn starch in his hotel room (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!).

The Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters

4) The Foo Fighters: I really have nothing clever at all to say about these guys. For a pop rock act to get my attention, you know they’ve got to be good, but their name is a reference to Ufology, which is cool to me being an amateur Ufologist. I like these guys. Anyhow, these guys are cool guys at least, judging by their riders. They write it with humor in mind, and they don’t overdo it like Iggy Pop did. Now what they ask for isn’t quite as funny as the way they asked for it or described it, for example, “big assed kielbasas that make men self conscious”, “1 bag of Pirate Booty (not Johnny Depp)”, 18 Red Bulls (maybe that’s how they LEARNED TO FLY? 😛 ), “…75 lbs of ice (if you have McDonalds, Best Buy, and porno, you gotta have ice)…”, “4 Bottles of Gatorade (wacky colors please)”, and more. Hell, maybe it’s best if you just read it yourself. It’s almost nonstop humor. 🙂

Of course there’s more, but it turns out that some of my favorite bands don’t have a whole lot of crazy requests. Korn, Manson, some of the more extreme acts, about the most interesting thing they asked for was socks and vegetarian food.

Either way, feel free to have a bounce over to The Smoking Gun and browse through all their lists. 🙂



~ by whatscene on January 25, 2010.

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