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One of the great thing about living in today’s world is the wealth of information at your fingertips. Any topic you could ever want to learn about only ever requires a few keystrokes and a a couple mouse clicks. Craigslist, forums, EBAY, Google, Twitter, Blogs, etc – all these resources are readily available at almost any time of the day.

As a musician, I find myself often interested in learning more about other people’s techniques or gear, and I don’t really have the money to get a new teacher every time I want to learn a different playing style, and I find that oftentimes, clerks at music stores don’t really know what it is specifically I want to talk about. Whenever I feel it necessary to learn something new or get some added info on something that I want to know, but I want that info from a person, and not a static website, I check out my favorite forums.

In that light, I’ve decided to compile a list of forums for musicians. This is not a comprehensive list, and I am not a member of all of them, but hey, they may come in handy for some of you.

1) Electric Guitar Forums – This is a British forum, with subforums for guitar, bass, drums, techniques, and other junk. It’s a boring generic baby blue, and judging by the front page, a little slow, with posts being few and far between.
Guitar Player2) Guitar Noise – This is another guitar forum that seems a little generic in its color scheme and layout. It, however, seems a lot more active than EGF. It has forums for all levels of skill, different types of guitars, and even a dedicated subforum for the grrl guitarist. There is also a section for opinions and polls and other things. At first glance, this seems like a pretty good forum.
3) Acoustic Guitar Forum – A forum dedicated to the acoustic side of things. It seems pretty busy, but it’s also pretty small. The site lacks a large assortment of subforums, though what it does have seems pretty general, allowing a wide range of subject matter to be discussed in its current forums.
4) Ultimate Guitar – UG is more than just a forum site, but its ancillary postings are irrelevant to this post. The forums are HUGE and VERY active. There are main sections for music, bands, and whatnot, before ever even touching on the instrument-specific subforums. I don’t personally care for this site, but you might find them right up your alley.
5) Guitar Forums – What this forum’s name lacks in creativity, it makes up for in style. Its layout reminds me of an Irish pub, and although its userbase is small, it seems active enough to be worth a look.
6) – This is a really nice site, chock full of good info, articles, and other content. The forums are ancillary, but half the guitar questions I’ve ever asked on google have led to threads in this forum. I am not a member, but I recommend it.

1) Talkbass – This is my favorite forum, honestly. I’m a member, and have been for a little under a year. It’s extremely active, and nine out of ten users are very friendly and helpful. The layout is easy to read, the ads are not really all that intrusive, and the organization of the forums is pretty intuitive. It has sections for the Contrabass and the Electric Bass Guitar, Sections where people can ask professional players, like Michael Mannring. It even has one very, very amusing off-topic section.
2) Bass Guitar Forum – This is actually more than just a forum site, the forums are ancillary to the main website, which contains articles, videos, and other content created by the members. While the main site looks interesting, if a little busy and cluttered, the forum looks pretty slow and small.
3) Bassdogs – This forum is pretty large, slightly convoluted, and moderately active. I didn’t really look too deeply into it, because the huge number of subforums made it too busy to read.
4) Sputnik Music – This is actually a subforum, but being that there weren’t a lot of dedicated bass forums, I added this one. This one has no subforums, no dedicated sections for anything, just one big gaggle of whatever people want to talk about.

1) Drum And Bass Forum – This is the first drum forum I found, but really, I can’t say anything about it since when I found it, they were doing an database cleanup and were temporarily closed.
Drummer2) Drum Chat – This forum seems to have everything the aspiring drummer could ever need. Lesson videos, an interesting color scheme, real time shoutbox, tons of subforums, lots of members, and a pretty active community. Check this one out if you’re on the market for a new community to get involved in.
3) – This is obviously a different forum than Drumchat, but everything I said about that one pretty much applies to this one too. It does seem a great deal more organized though. Check it out.
4) Drumdogs – This one seems to be the sister forum to Bassdogs. It pretty much has the same organization and generic forum look. It also has only moderate activity, but is organized pretty well with several decent subforums.
5) – This forum claims to be the best drum forum in the world. I beg to differ – any forum that opens with a popup java advertisement and has such a generic layout is most certainly NOT the best forum in the world, in my opinion. The lack of any recent posts confirms my diagnosis, I think.

And last, but not least, is Musicians Forums, a site with forums and blogs and articles, and all sorts of delicious things to poor over. The only downside is the swath of advertising on their front page.

Like I said before, this is certainly not a comprehensive list, there are dozens of forums out there I didn’t even bother to look at, let alone join. My personal opinions on each forum are just that – personal opinions. I encourage each of you to check out the forums you like and join the ones that suit you best.



~ by whatscene on January 25, 2010.

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