And So It Begins

So this is the first post of many to come, probably the first of several tonight.

I intend to make this blog my home for local band reviews and instrument reviews, tv and movie criticisms, venue reviews, and basically anything that has anything to do with entertainment. And since I am American, and I count eating as an entertainment pastime on top of an event necessary for life, I may or may not include food and drink to the list.

So anyhow, this blog is not location specific, since while my first several reviews will be entirely about the Honolulu area, I’m moving soon to God knows where in a few weeks.

Either way, I hope you appreciate my work, and even if you don’t I hope you at least read it and in keeping with the laws of the internet, leave a really scathing comment full of pejoratives and racist statements about my mother which also question my sexuality, intelligence, and sanity. 🙂



~ by whatscene on January 23, 2010.

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